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Rubber Stamp Making Equipment.

Commercial Stamp Machine by InstaStamp

You can make business stamps, scrapbooking stamps, art stamps, card making and craft stamps with this stamp making machine.

Rubber Stamping,Making Rubber Stamp,Scrapbooking Stamps,Rubber Stamping Machine,Card Making Art

In about 30 minutes the InstaStamp Rubber Stamp Making system converts printed artwork and text into polymer rubber stamps in 4 simple steps. Processing plate size is up to A4 (210mm x 300mm).

Commercial Machine 50cm x 47cm x 26cm


Self Inking


Using our commercial stamp making equipment you will be able to make a sheet of rubber stamps in about 30 minutes. Stamp sheet sizes range from A7 (74 x 105 mm -- 2,9 x 4,1 in) to A4 size (210 x 297 mm -- 8,3 x 11,7 in) The system is suitable for small and large stamp making operations.

If you are interested in making business style stamps using the Ideal, Trodat , Colop or Shiny range of self inkers this system is ideal. InstaStamp stamps can also be affixed to inkpad style stamps such as bank teller stamps and the plastic Vuestamp stamp handle.

Craft Stamps

Scrapbook stamping and card making require precise stamp placement, the InstaStamp rubber stamping machine produces clear polymer stamps for use with clear acrylic blocks or wooden blocks. Clear acrylic mounting blocks combined with our patented clear stamp mounting system InstaGrip will ensure your customers have perfect stamp placement every time.


Craft Stamp Maker by InstaStamp

The craft stamp maker makes stamps similar to how they are made with the larger stainless steel machine, only on a much smaller scale. This unit is ideal for the craft person that wishes to make the very best quality rubber stamps at home.

Stamp MakerThe unit makes A6 size sheets of rubber stamps ideal for small stamp making operations or people wishing to buy the larger stainless steel unit at a later date. (see our buy back guarantee).

To view the Craft Stamp Maker in more detail please visit



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